Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dr. Randy Pausch - from Oprah

Dying professor, Dr. Randy Pausch knows he is dying. This video will leave you thinking when it's over. Take 10 minutes of your time to watch it. It would do us all some good.

That comes from an inner spirit, a spirit that comes to us through the heart not our mind, given to us by something greater than ourselves, regardless of what religion you believe or don't believe in . . . .

Friday, February 22, 2008


And Viva Obama is a home run. That's good enough to swing even the Anglo vote around here.


To the candidate who is Barack Obama
I sing this corrido with all my soul
He was born humble without pretension
He began in the streets of Chicago
Working to achieve a vision
To protect the working people
And bring us all together in this great nation
Viva Obama! Viva Obama!
Families united and safe and even with a health care plan
Viva Obama! Viva Obama!
A candidate fighting for our nation
It doesn't matter if you're from San Antonio
It doesn't matter if you're from Corpus Christi
From Dallas, from the Valley, from Houston or from El Paso
What matters is that we vote for Obama
Because his struggle is also our struggle, and today we urgently need a change
Let's unite with our great friend
Viva Obama! Viva Obama!
Families united and safe and even with a health care plan

Viva Obama! Viva Obama!
A candidate fighting for our nation

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Greatest Illusion ever.

So What Are You Going To Do About It?

Brett Dennen - Ain't No Reason

h/t to supergirlest

A brief description of the video from Brett himself:

"It is our routines and our comforts that allow us to ignore social issues. For some of us, it is our privilege to be ignorant. This video tells the story of social issues challenging our privileges and entering our routines making them impossible to ignore. Social injustice cannot be ignored when you are forced to deal with them. That is the idea behind this video.

What would happen if you were forced to deal with something that you may think has nothing to do with you? If suddenly the world's problems came into your own home? You would have to realize that you are connected to everything and everyone one earth."

Monday, February 11, 2008

You saw the Obama video, now watch the McCain one

"McCain: Less jobs, more war...not just a slogan!" No we McCain't.

Please watch this. It's from Andy Cobb and his brilliant cast of insane comedians and actors out in Hollywood. (For anyone who hasn't seen the Obama video, you can watch it here below to get a flavor of the parody.) I laughed out loud.

That's funny. Painfully funny ... but funny. Probably the best parody I've seen online.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Clip From Michael Moore's Film "Sicko...

"If you can find money to kill people, you can find money to help people."
Former British MP Tony Benn talks about power and democracy in this excerpt from "Sicko."

Please watch and spread it, especially to the disenfranchised and those who feel powerless.

Benn is one of the top politicans of all time: A man of conviction and wisdom, why socialist like him get such a bad name is beyond me, thier some of the most moral people going. Just shows hows selfish and greedy people are.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


You can really see the change in the Democratic electorate's mood by comparing the music videos that capture their imaginations, Remember Eminem's 2004 video, "Mosh?"

The dark colors, the thundering rain, the threatening militancy, the barely-suppressed rage. There was fear in that video, and anger. And it mattered. It captured a particular instant of frustration and fury. Compare that to "Yes, We Can":

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Yes We Can

Without positing any electoral impact or too closely analyzing its politics, this music video, transforming Obama's already lyrical speeches into actual music, sung and played by actual musicians, is beautiful and affecting.

The highest quality version is here. For those who don't like clicking on links, though, here's the YouTube:

Between Iraq and a Hard Place

Brilliant. But the sad thing about this video is that the comedy is based on facts. Everything mentioned within has at some stage happened. Our military has become one big long running joke.

Iraq And It's Oil

How come, with our free press in the USA (and God bless her), we are hearing about the terms of the oil deal and the five permanent military bases from British television? Bush's genius is getting quite a boost from our lazy journalists content to print/broadcast the Administration press releases and knock off for the day.

George Bush is a Genius?