Thursday, September 10, 2009

"We're Number 37!"

Here is a song celebrating our proud ranking in the World Health Organization's list of world health systems for all the obstructionist hecklers to sing as they continue down the road to total irrelevance. Enjoy!!

Catchy as hell! No 'Youth in Asia' LOL. Love the line about us being a Christian nation. Funny how the most God fearing/family values/protect marriage from the queers while I cheat on my wife/Conservative Christians are the main ones spreading lies, intimidation, carrying guns to town halls, and basically saying "I got mine so why should I care about anyone else". Not very Christian in my book.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Utah Phillips - There is Power In The Union

Happy Labor Day,

Joe Hill's famous song.

Sorry about that whole 40 hour work week thing. Oh, and I must apologize for minimum wage and keeping children out of the mines. I know you must hate getting a fair pay for a fair days work, but most of us go to bed every night thanking those who fought and sometimes died for the world's working people. Union men and women.