Friday, July 27, 2007

Does It Rhyme with Loner

So, who is the latest to be rumored as a client of the DC Madam? He’s in Congress, a Republican, and he’s from Ohio.

The Buckeye State Blog has revealed that the next member of Congress who will be revealed as a client of the DC Madam's, the way David Diapers Vitter (R-LA) was, will be a Republican member of the Ohio congressional delegation.

I’m not usually the one to throw down the rumors and all, but when your name starts with a “B” and it rhymes with “Loner,” and the rumor is that you’ve been frequenting call girls. . . . Sorry, I can’t resist. OK, ok, I didn’t start the rumor. I just heard it over at Howie Klein’s place.


sumo said...

Talk about a guy that deserves the attention this will generate! Oh...and by the way...glad I can come pester you here did it just for me didn't you?!

Dusty said...

omg..I hope to hell Boehner is the next one. I despise that rat bastard. Crying on the floor of the House about the war one minute and chastising the other repubes to "go along" with the party line the next..wotta creep!