Sunday, October 5, 2008


At this point, I think Tina Fey is probably the fifth or sixth most influential person in the presidential election:

"Maverick" was already losing its charge through overuse, but after this skit, I think the term is officially a joke.


Snave said...

I refuse to follow McCain's definition of the word. My preferred definition is of "a little lost calf"!

earlbo said...

I liked Biden's remark, that McCain is no maverick, he's been more of a side-kick for George Bush.

Katie Schwartz said...

I so agree with you, Earl!

earlbo said...

Thanks Katie.

People's regard for the Republican presidential nominee has deteriorated across-the-board since September, an Associated Press-Yahoo! News poll showed Friday, with McCain losing ground in how favorably he's seen and in a long list of personal qualities voters seek in White House contenders.

What happened to John McCain? I don't even recognize the man anymore. He's sold out his values. He's ruining his legacy. He likened Obama to a "terrorist" and now a "socialist". He put his political ambitions first by choosing someone as not ready to be President as Sarah Palin. It's disgraceful.

HelenWheels said...

I just watched this again yesterday, and it's so damn funny! I actually laugh harder at the Biden than the Palin. That guy did a fabulous job. Tina Fey is a comic genius. Geez.