Saturday, December 27, 2008

Phil Ochs - Crucifixion

The song has alot of layers, the superficial outer layer is a tribute to RFK, JFK and MLK. The other layers are about hero killing, Phil Ochs and hypocrisy. Every piece of artwork has lots of layers especially poetry/music.

I think in large part it's about society and how it seems to be human nature to create and build up heros from other humans in our midst - only to revel in their ultimate downfall. "But you know, I predicted it. I knew he had to fall. How did it happen? Hope his suffering was small. Tell me every detail, for I've got to know it all. And do you have a picture of the pain?" But teach us to be true. Cause we love you.


Georg said...

Hallo Earl,

Great music and as I can understand what he says I suppose he is English.

Never heart of him before. Thanks.


earlbo said...

Phil Ochs was a great songwriter, less as a singer, during the folk music era just before the British Invasion and the Beatles made it big in the US.