Thursday, March 5, 2009


The Latin root "san" means cure, heal and take care of while "telli" is how the Brits refer to the electric living room lie box...So the proper name, 'Santelli", actually seems to mean 'person who will heal television'...Rick, a grateful nation would salute you but our hands are occupied performing dangerous, repetitive and low paid non union factory work.

Is it any wonder that Daily show viewers are more informed than those who get their news from mainstream media?


Coffee Messiah said...

Weird, isn't it?

I thought watching the news might get better after gw, instead, the fallout and the repubs fighting anything that makes sense is still making it hard ; (

I sent a reply to the EM awhile back, sorry we couldn't hook up ; (

We'll be back .......

earlbo said...

Yeah, too bad about the failure to hookup. I had a DVD of music for you too. Will you be back soon, or should I toss it in the mail to you.

Georg said...

Hallo Earl,

Congratulations for this splendid definition "electric living room lie box".


earlbo said...

I'm glad you liked that! Lie box or BS box, I don't that makes much difference.