Wednesday, October 3, 2007

White House Retaliates Against UK For Withdrawal

The USA it appears is determined to rid itself of any and every potential ally as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. In response to the withdrawal announcement, the White House has decided to slander Britain. The Daily Telegraph reports today that a senior White House official has revoked Britain’s status of being “the closest Bush ally“:

“There’s concern about Brown,” a senior White House foreign policy official told The Daily Telegraph. “But this is compensated by the fact that Paris and Berlin are much less of a headache. The need to hinge everything on London as the guarantor of European security has gone.”

The White House official added that Britain would always be “the cornerstone” of US policy towards Europe but there was “a lot of unhappiness” about how British forces had performed in Basra and an acceptance that Mr Brown would pull the remaining 4,500 troops out of Iraq next year.

“Operationally, British forces have performed poorly in Basra,” said the official. “Maybe it’s best that they leave. Now we will have a clear field in southern Iraq.”

Translation: This is a job for Blackwater. We will soon be surging soldiers of fortune into Basra to shoot everything that moves.

No worries. After the "quick surgical strikes" into Iran, the south of Iraq will be like a resort spa.


Larry said...

The best compliment Britain could receive was the revoking of "Being Labeled Bush's Closest Ally."

Anok said...

I wish I could muster a look of surprise....but alas, I can't!

I couldn't agree more with your interpretation.

an average patriot said...

This is disgusting and the right wings ignorant race to their Forever War is totally obvious and we are powerless to strop it.
One son is still here but the one who just came in from the field in aghanistan with special Forces I wanted to discuss today if I could make the time today but the situationg with our military is so much worse than even I thought.I cannot repeat anything Jim was telling me .
He is hard core, tough, and patriotic, but with Bush's private Army and the inadequate troops replacing the good ones who are leaving in increasing numbers, things are pretty bad in the field and these wars are just starting.
Bush is one happy camper. I tell my sons not to get tired and boy are we so screwed in the future.

sumo said... know what happens at spas? I agree with Larry's take on the compliment to Britain...heh heh. That's right Earl...Blackwater will mow down everything that moves or isn't nailed down. Cockroaches will eat anything...they are cheap to maintain that way.