Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Your Women Are Ugly!" is not a political argument

Even if it were remotely true, "our women are better-looking!" is not an argument. The idea that discussing the attractiveness of women's bodies as a point in favor of or against a specific set of political beliefs is just disgusting. And the implied possession -- as in, our things are pretty and yours are ugly -- is also revoltingly sexist.

I love how the Repubs are mostly professional headshots or publicity shots and the Dems are all the worst possible candids.

Girls sure are purdy when they want to take away other women's right to choose! (This is reminiscent of anti-choicers' tendency to compare the attractiveness of women on either side of the issue. Isn't patriarchy awesome?)


Larry said...

Good comparison and in the eyes of many beholders, ones actions and attitude show beauty in ways that time cannot wrinkle the face with age.

Another sexist view of the "New Republican Party."

Anok said...


Then again, if you look at many of the concerns and attitudes of the main players - and main player wanna bes in the new repug party, its all about being shallow. Money, toys, looks....

The fact that many of the mouth pieces and movers and shakers are racist, bigoted, and have moral compasses so frigged up I'm surprised they can make it to work every day.

But thats just me.

supergirlest said...

oh, lawdy!

when you have to resort to the most ridiculous factor to lay claim for some twisted sense of superiority...

i wish i were surprised, but i'm not.