Wednesday, August 20, 2008

McCain agrees that we won't get Bin Laden "if we don't reenact the draft"

Anyone of draft age should watch this video. Anyone with kids who are draft age -- or approaching draft age -- should watch this video. As John wrote last night, McCain's instinct is to go to war. Today, McCain exposed how he'll have the forces to do it. The draft is part of his equation. Watch the entire video:

I am going to teach my grandsons how to walk in heels in preparation for the military exam. I know If McCain becomes prez....there will still be a Don't Ask Don't Tell.


Border Explorer said...

That's sooo funny Earl: walking in heels as survival info for guys. You gotta be creative with the nitwits we have/might have at the helm.

earlbo said...

Border, you gotta do whatever it takes.